High performance PowerPoint productivity tool to power up your PowerPoint proficiency.

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Wondering how to communicate while making a positive lasting impact in the work you do?

We created SlidePulse with the vision of giving you the confidence in creating content you can be proud of. As a simple add-on, SlidePulse allows users to work within the familiar confines of PowerPoint but with extra features to boost!

Power up your PowerPoint proficiency today, and present like a rock star.

productivity toolbar

Your familiar toolbar that we have customised, with you in mind:

  • Resize Same Size

  • Swap positions

  • Proportional Resize

  • Snap Align

  • Fit to Slide

  • Crop to Same Dimensions

  • Crop Headshot

  • Shortcut Settings
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template sidebar

Colour Pallete

Colour Pallete

Standardise your brand colours and colour switch with ease.
  • The colour sidebar

Instantly retrieve slides from your commonly used PowerPoint decks and templates.

  • Resize Same Size
  • Reuse Common Assets Easily
Template Sidebar

text formatting

Make text formatting a breeze with these features:

  • Set All Fonts

  • Review Fonts

  • Remove Double Blanks
Text Formatting

1,000,000+ Stock Photos

Access royalty free stock photos in just a few clicks within PowerPoint 1,000,000+ Royalty Free Stock Photos.
  • 1,000,000+ Royalty Free Stock Photos
1,000,000+ Stock Photos


Collaborating with team members has never been easier.
  • Sticky Notes
  • Send/Save Selected Slide

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