Fonterra needed a holistic learning & development programme to be implemented

There were a few factors that we considered before deciding on implementing E-Learning in Fonterra. 

The first factor was that there was no standardisation in content that was taught to our employees. With our employees attending classes conducted by different instructors, there was no central source of information. 

The next factor was that we realised the amount of time employees were wasting traveling back and forth for face-to-face sessions in the classrooms with instructors and wanted to change to a platform that allowed more flexibility.


What are the key benefits of implementing a Learning Management System in Fonterra ?

Implementing a Learning Management System helped us to solve the issues we had hoped to address. It grants us flexibility, which is attractive, as the system fits according to our employee’s lifestyles. Employees can access the content at a time and location that suits them best, instead of having to dedicate time to gather for a classroom session. 

The consultants at ITLink conducted an in-depth learners’ assessment to ensure all content is tailor-made to specifically suit the needs of Fonterra’s target learners. A key benefit is that our management is able to get real-time feedback from the system, on the progress of individual employees.

We could always count on the professional team at ITLink to ensure all E-Learning content was always well-curated and met the needs of Fonterra’s target learners. 

The team at ITLink are knowledgeable in the Learning and Development field and their expertise is showcased through the relevant and realistic examples included in the E-Learning content. ITLink is definitely a professional company that we can trust.


“Jay and the team at ITLink were able to clearly understand our requirements in terms of content and budget and committed themselves in producing quality work that was expertly done. The consultants are knowledgeable individuals that have been in this field for decades. Throughout the duration of the project, Jay and the team were highly responsive, and we could always rely on them to produce results that exceeded our expectations.

It has been a pleasure working with ITLink and we definitely recommend them to any company that are seeking a professional IT Business Transformation partner that delivers effective and quality-driven Learning Management System solutions.”

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