Demand & Supply Planning

Streamlining your supply chain with precision and insight.

Enhancing Your Supply Chain Efficiency

Operating in a sector where customer product demands swiftly fluctuate can result in a significant portion of your time dedicated to understanding your customers. The goal is seemingly straightforward - maintain just enough stock to prevent shortages, optimize cash flow, and boost revenues, all while avoiding unnecessary inventory investments.

However, in an era marked by unpredictability and disruptive newcomers, lagging behind in response to shifting customer sentiments and demands can spell disaster.

So, how can you sidestep the risk of owning a warehouse full of outdated stock?

A majority of companies follow the steps delineated below, integrating automation wherever feasible:

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Project the trajectory of your sales, taking into account factors like seasonality, product categories, and geographic clustering.

Smart Stock Allocations

Factor in the impacts of product and pricing promotions to ascertain the optimal stock allocation.

Strategic Demand Planning

Incorporate potential obstacles to future sales, including product variety, weather conditions, logistical challenges (shipping), and store outages.

This extensive process demands substantial time and achieving the desired level of precision can be a daunting task, especially if you are operating with disconnected processes.

Here's where ITLink steps in. Our Demand and Supply Forecasting solutions leverage top-tier software, seamlessly integrating all three steps and automating the process.

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