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Fortifying Business Futures

As an esteemed Microsoft Gold Partner, ITLink has forged a powerful alliance with Microsoft, embodying our shared commitment to delivering pioneering Data and Analytics solutions to both our existing and new clients.

The Gold Partnership represents the zenith of Microsoft's partner network, offering unrivaled access for our clients and team to Microsoft's technical expertise and support. The essence of this golden status lies in the robust affirmation of our Professional Services team's top-tier certification. With Microsoft's annual audits, we ensure that our team maintains a consistently exceptional level of quality.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner distinguishes ITLink with several noteworthy attributes:
  • Celebrated as a 'Gold Standard' in implementing Microsoft solutions in the Data & Analytics domain.
  • Delivering premier customer support for Microsoft products.
  • Assuring our clients of continuous enhancements through access to Microsoft’s most seasoned specialists.
  • Offering comprehensive training on the Microsoft platform.
  • Acknowledged as a pace-setter within the Partner community.
All our certified Gold Partners reap the benefits of the most recent product training materials and pre-sales deployment environments. This access empowers ITLink to demonstrate and prototype Microsoft’s latest innovations. Furthermore, ITLink enjoys exclusive access to Microsoft’s signature Support, guaranteeing advanced technical assistance for the Data and Analytics platforms.

Ultimately, these advantages translate into immense value for our clients, furnishing them with ceaseless improvements, insights, and support to streamline their business operations.

Planning Analytics

Embrace the future of financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting with Planning Analytics. This solution stimulates effortless collaboration and empowers businesses to drive swifter, more precise results.

Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics is an AI-powered business intelligence platform supporting the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization. Visualize, analyze, and share actionable insights about your data across your organization.
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