EPSON needed comprehensive solutions to solve multiple challenges in their processes

1. EPSON needed to forecast the number of defective equipment they had within a timeframe of their choosing.

2. A financial planning and analysis software which could easily enhance EPSON's financial performance.

3. A system that could assist EPSON in streamlining their processes of supply chain management

4. A solution to better facilitate EPSON's business processes and performance.


What are the key benefits of implementing the IBM TM1 software in EPSON?

Since EPSON implemented the IBM Planning Analytics software in their organisation, they have been able to better plan and increase their efficiency with more accurate forecasting analysis. 

With IBM Planning Analytics being implemented in their finance department, it has helped to streamline the financial and operational planning within EPSON, breaking down and simplifying the calculation processes. IBM Planning Analytics also improved EPSON's forecasting for supply chain planning. It provides visibility to leaders in the organisation through comprehensive real-time data, which enables them to act efficiently. 

Overall, IBM Planning Analytics allows them to have an integrated business planning system in place within EPSON. It is quick to provide analysis and calculations, which enables them to get their processes done more proficiently.


“The team at ITLink is experienced and responsible. From the beginning till the end of the project, they have been there to support us and were quick to action on any queries we had. With EPSON implementing Planning Analytics/TM1 in many of our processes, it has greatly improved the overall efficiency through more accurate forecasting. We definitely recommend ITLink as a trusted service provider for your IT needs!”

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