E-Learning & Course Development

At ITLink, we specialise in developing customised educational learning solutions which are unique, effective, and engaging to suit your target learners.

Custom solutions

With over two decades of experience under their belt, you can be assured our consultants here at ITLink are individuals who are highly skilled in a wide range of industry expertise. 

To ensure we deliver a holistic experience for each learner while meeting the needs of your business, we offer customisable hybrid educational learning. Because we know each business is unique, our consultants will be working closely with you to truly understand the learning objective for your learners.

Contextualised content

Effective learning takes place when there is a clear connection on how we can apply what we have learnt on the job. As such, we work to incorporate much of the “day to day” job scenarios into the development of content through role-plays and real-life examples.

Engaging Content

We strive to elevate a learner’s learning experience through interactive animations, role-plays, and quizzes to ensure they stay engaged while retaining information.

Accelerate the change in your company's digital transformation 

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