IBM Planning Analytics (Powered by TM1) Health Check

8 April 2022
Jay Wang

IBM Planning Analytics (Powered by TM1) Health Check

What is an IBM Planning Analysis Health Check?

Performance Diagnostics is key in upkeeping the maintenance of your enterprise-wide applications. It helps to examine both existing IBM Planning Analytics apps and future development efforts through logical, scientific evaluation sessions.

Key problems faced, such as reports taking too long to generate and applications running slower than expected over time, are common pain points that users might face. Testing distinct areas of your IBM Planning Analytics application will help you fix design and production problems before they become issues. This leads to a more constructive process for end-users, administrators, and developers alike.

Focused Approach

Conducting Performance Diagnostics on an ongoing basis enables you to determine how Planning Analytics best suits your company, no matter the situation.

Some questions a Performance Diagnostic helps to answer is:

  1. Is the system designed well?
  2. What is the strength and weakness of the system?
  3. Is the client-server architecture the most ideal for current features?
  4. How can the system be maintained for optimal performances??
  5. What is the effort needed to undertake vital shifts for the long run?

Structure of Performance Analysis?

These are the 3 key areas that encompass performance analysis:

  1. Client-Server architecture – We understand that each system and business needs are unique. Hence, at ITLink we assess each client-server architecture before customising an optimal solution for your current features.
  2. Design Architecture and Data Flow – This focuses on the impact the design architecture has in relation to each business needs that has been identified.
  3. User Interface and Turnaround Time – This measures the quality of Planning Analytics in relation to meeting your end users’ needs while assessing performance as well as reporting functions.

Why Perform a Diagnostic Test?

At the end of a routine diagnostic test, we will identify areas in the system that can be improved and offer an alternative approach to raise system optimisation levels to ensure peak performance for your Planning Analytics applications.

Jay Wang (ITLink, Business Technology Consultant)
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