Connect IBM Planning Analytics to Power BI with TMVGate

11 September 2023
Jay Wang

Connect IBM Planning Analytics to Power BI with TMVGate

What is TMVGate?

Connect IBM Planning Analytics to Power BI with TMVGate! TMVGate is a powerful connector that seamlessly connects IBM Planning Analytics (formerly known as TM1) with leading data visualization platforms, including Power BI.

The Importance of Data Analytics in Today's Business Landscape

In a world increasingly fueled by data, analytics is no longer a trend but a critical component for business success. While financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting are still crucial, data analytics provides an extra edge for businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

The Challenge: Transferring Data from TM1 to BI Tools

If you're reading this, you're probably aware of the challenges involved in transferring data from IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) to BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, or QlikView. This is particularly cumbersome when dealing with large data warehouses.

The Solution: Introducing TMVGate

TMVGate is designed to bridge this gap, acting as a robust link between your financial reporting platform and various business intelligence tools. Let's delve into its standout features.

A Secure and Effortless Implementation

TMVGate leverages a High-Performance Extraction Engine to extract data directly from TM1, without requiring additional resources or hardware. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, allowing for the straightforward export of data from existing TM1 cubes and views without the need for complex TI scripts.

TMVGate maintains the integrity of your TM1 security structure. This ensures that all existing access control measures in TM1 remain in effect when you integrate it with BI tools.

Real-time Connectivity and Cost-Effective Ownership

Are you looking for real-time data updates? TMVGate has you covered. And with a lifetime license, you gain complete ownership and control, all while enjoying cost benefits.

A Quick Demo: Integrating TM1 with Power BI using TMVGate

For those familiar with TM1 and BI tools, here's a quick demo to show just how easy it is to integrate the two using TMVGate.

Step 1: Data Selection in TM1

Open your TM1 server and select the cube containing the data you want to analyze. For this example, let's say we select a Sales Cube and then click on views to choose by region.

Data selection in planning

Step 2: Using TMVGate for Data Transfer

Open TMVGate's simple interface and fill out the necessary fields—username, password, and cube details. Click on 'Generate Get View URL,' copy the generated URL.

TMVGate tm1 to power bi data transfer

Step 3: Importing Data into Power BI

Open Power BI and click on 'Get Data,' then 'Web.' Paste the copied URL and click 'OK.'

Import tm1 data to power bi

The data is loaded swiftly, and you click on 'Load' to proceed.

tm1 connecting to power bi

Step 4: Data Visualization in Power BI

For this example, we'll choose 'region' and 'summation value' to visualize total sales value by region.

tm1 connector to power bi data visualization


And there you have it—a simple, quick demo. Connect IBM Planning Analytics to Power BI with TMVGate today!

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