What to Avoid when Implementing TM1

6 October 2023
Jay Wang

What to Avoid when Implementing TM1

Recognizing that the implementation process of TM1 may be daunting to many, we've distilled our expertise into identifying the top 5 mistakes to avoid when implementing TM1:

  1. Insufficient Data Preparation:
    • It is key to ensure data accuracy and completeness. This helps to avoid misleading insights and misguided strategies.
  2. Lack of Clear Objectives:
    • Define goals and KPIs that is aligned with your organization's strategy to measure success and provide actionable insights.
  3. Not Aligning with Existing Business Processes:
    • Integrate your analytics solution with existing systems and workflows, and ensure it remains flexible to adapt to changes.
  4. Underestimating User Adoption:
    • Invest in proper training and ongoing support to help your team leverage your analytics solution effectively.
  5. Ignoring Scalability and Flexibility:
    • Select a solution that ensures scalability and maintainability to adeptly manage increasing data volumes, user counts, and complexity without compromising performance.

By focusing on data quality, setting clear objectives, aligning with business processes, promoting user adoption, and ensuring scalability and flexibility, you can maximize your TM1 investment, ensuring your implementation not only succeeds, but excels!

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Jay Wang (ITLink, Principal Consultant)
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