Welcome to EPM Insider

24 July 2023
Jay Wang

Welcome to EPM Insider

Welcome to the world of EPM Insider, a platform committed to guiding you through the complexities of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

Who is EPM Insider?

Background and Expertise

EPM Insider is a seasoned IBM Planning Analytics consultant with years of practical experience. Armed with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in EPM, this persona combines technical prowess with the unique ability to simplify intricate ideas.

Core Values

At the heart of EPM Insider are four essential values - transparency, innovation, insightfulness, and continuous learning. These values are reflected in every piece of content shared and every insight provided.

Introducing the EPM Insider Newsletter

Purpose of the Newsletter

The EPM Insider newsletter is designed to be your guide, delivering crucial insights and updates about EPM straight to your inbox.

What Sets Us Apart

The newsletter stands out due to its unique blend of technical knowledge, industry foresight, and an unwavering commitment to making EPM more accessible.

What to Expect

Demystifying EPM

EPM Insider is committed to making EPM understandable for all. Expect content that breaks down complex EPM concepts into digestible pieces.

The Future of EPM

Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry with insights and predictions about the evolving EPM landscape.

EPM Best Practices

Learn how to excel in the EPM space with a collection of tips, guides, and strategies.

EPM Innovation

Stay informed about the exciting intersection of EPM and technology, particularly IBM Planning Analytics.

EPM Case Studies

Immerse yourself in real-world examples and success stories within the EPM industry.

Target Audience

The newsletter is designed for everyone - from C-suite executives and EPM professionals to business analysts, strategy consultants, or anyone interested in EPM best practices.

Communication Style and Tone

EPM Insider strikes a balance between professional and approachable. It's like learning from a peer - the content is informative, yet it feels like a conversation, not a lecture.


In conclusion, the EPM Insider newsletter is your ticket to becoming an informed and successful player in the EPM world. It's time to dive deep into the world of EPM with your trusted guide, EPM Insider!

Jay Wang (ITLink, Business Technology Consultant)
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